Competitive Fencing:

The Competitive Program is designed for advanced fencers who will complete at the local, regional, national, and international levels. The fencers in the Competitive Program work on:
       - Advanced fencing techniques, skills, strategies, and tactics
       - Physical endurance, speed, agility and strength

       - Mental focus and emotional management
       - The ability to build a bout per opponent strength and weaknesses
       - Ability to dissect a bout and work on improving non-successful elements
       - Video analysis

       - Athletic training in the form of conditioning, weightlifting, cardio, and nutritional planning

Competitive Program Structure:
Competitive fencers attend 3-5 group classes and receive 2-3 lessons per week.

During the class, the athlete works on advanced exercises and drills and will focus on intensive endurance, strength, speed, and agility workouts with a good portion of the time fencing against opponents at the advanced and competitive levels. 

Warm-Up and Stretching   5 minutes
Conditioning                     20 minutes
Footwork                          20 minutes

Bladework                        20 minutes
 Free Bouting                     120 minutes

Competitive Program Costs:
The cost of Advanced Fencing Program is $150.00 per month plus $30 per lesson.

Competitive Program

United States Fencing Association

USA Fencing, the governing body of all fencing activity in the United States.  Per USA Fencing requirements, every fencer that registers for the beginner level must become a member of USA Fencing to be covered by insurance. New fencers should register here and show membership at the first class. Non-competitive USA Fencing membership costs $10 per fencing season. Fencers can upgrade to the USA Fencing competitive membership level prior to first competition ($70 per season). Season goes from August 1 through July 31st​