-Mental fortitude

    -Improves focus and concentration

    -Utilizes strategic thinking,              problem solving,                                tactical consideration

    -Rewards decisiveness and                  competitive spirit

    -Emotional management                  and reduces stress under pressure

    -Values-based practice 

    -Fosters leadership

Why Fencing?

-Health benefits

       -Increases strength and explosive speed

       -Flexibility, balance, and coordination

       -Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

       -Improves endurance which increases                     cardiovascular health

       -Activity leads to lower obesity which has been         linked to lower medical costs over time,             longer lifespan, and academic and social           success


-Fencing is an individual sport, and thus success is an individual responsibility, but being part of a club or team provides the support of a team environment; fencing really has the best of both worlds!

-Equal, if not greater, opportunities for women as more colleges support women's fencing than men's

-Low injury rate means that fencing is safer than most sports!

​-Fencing has one of the highest proportions of college scholarships available in respect to its number of high school senior competitors; this is especially desirable when you consider that every Ivy League and most of the top colleges in the country have a fencing team