Monday, Thursday

  • 5:00-6:00 Group Class
  • 6:00-8:00 Open Fencing and Private Lessons

Tuesday, Wednesday

  • 6:00-8:00 Open Fencing and Private Lessons

Friday ​(every other week)

            6:00-7:00 Adult Fencing Class


  • 11:00-12:00 Group Class
  • 12:00-2:00 Open Fencing and Private Lessons

Private Lessons: Available during open fencing, 20 minute, one-on-one lessons with Coach Alex. Private lessons are the primary way fencers gain new skills and practice distance, timing, and technique. Competitive fencers should aim for 3+ private lessons per week. 

Open Fencing: This is the time for the fencers to bout with each other, taking their learned skills from lessons and classes and applying them in a real scenario

Group Class: Team instruction consisting of conditioning, footwork, bladework, and drills! All skill levels!

Please call ahead for Saturdays in case we are away at competition!