• 4:00 Beginner Class
  • 5:00 Open Fencing and Private Lessons
  • 6:00 Intermediate Class
  • 7:00 Open Fencing and Private Lessons

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

  • 4:00-8:00 Open Fencing and Private Lessons


  • 10:00-1:00 Open Fencing and Private Lessons

Private Lessons: Available during open fencing, 20 minute, one-on-one lessons with Coach Alex. Private lessons are the primary way fencers gain new skills and practice distance, timing, and technique. Competitive fencers should aim for 3+ private lessons per week. 

Open Fencing: This is the time for the fencers to bout with each other, taking their learned skills from lessons and classes and applying them in a real scenario

Group Class: Team instruction consisting of conditioning, footwork, bladework, and drills. We have a beginner class for those new to fencing or kids under 12 and an intermediate class for the competitive students.

Please call ahead for Saturdays in case we are away at competition!

**Fencers should plan on being in practice 2-3 hours, for at least 3 practices each week.**